10 Reasons I’m a Terrible Blogger

blogger tropes

blogger tropes


Something a little bit different and a bit of fun today! Without further ado, here are the blogger tips and tricks I haven’t cracked yet…

1) I don’t own a single bit of copper

2)…or marble.

3) I haven’t mastered the effortless #ootd selfie

4) Nor do I have a handy photographer friend

5) Even I’m confused by the gazillion hashtags that crop up on my Twitter feed

6) I don’t really like MAC.

7) Sometimes, I eat my food before I remember to snap a photo of it

8) My handwriting is pretty hideous.

9) I don’t eat as much brunch as I should (more than happy to change this one)

10) I’m really bad at keeping flowers alive.

Are there any blogger tropes that you are terrible at?

Kelly x


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