Call Your Mother.

call your mother

call your mother

Call your mother for all her love and support as you tried to navigate this unpredictable and hectic world we inhabit. Call her for the times she wrapped you in her arms when something didn’t go to plan, uttering assurances into your ear as you cried all over her nice new dress. Call her for the agonising moments she spent going over your homework with you even though she left school a canny few years ago and hoped that she would never have to deal with fractions ever again. Call her for the time she spent running you from dance class to book club to sleepover even though she just wanted to spend her weekend relaxing. Call her for the hours she spent watching the same movie over and over again or wandering round that one museum, revelling in your enjoyment. Call her for the times she shouted ‘You can do it’ from the finish line or as you cursed the Harvard Referencing System. Call her for the times she pretended to enjoy burnt biscuits or undercooked cakes, as you watched with an eager and excited eye. Call her for the times she answered your midnight pleas after a nightmare or the times she pretended that 4am was a perfectly reasonable time to start her Sunday morning.


Call your mother because she loves you and it is time you told her that you love her too.

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