Gifts for the… Foodie

Gifts for the Foodie

Gifts for the Foodie


Sometimes, you just want to get something a little different for someone so why not go for something food related! I’ve scoured the internet for my favourite gifts for foodies and thought I would share them all with you!

The first is this gift set of alcholic jams from Not on the High Street (who have seriously good gifts if you need some Christmas shopping inspiration). They look so tasty and are a little more unusual than your bog standard strawberry jam. These were £19.95 but would be a good treat to unwrap on Christmas Day!

For something a little more practical, what about these beautiful tartan oven gloves from Marks & Spencer. I feel like this is the kind of thing you always forget to buy yourself but would love to recieve a nice set. I know ours are looking really scraggly and need replacing but I never think to purchase some for the house.  These were £12.50 and seriously lovely!

Next up is this overnight oats mug, which would be a great gift for someone who is usually running late on a morning. I’ve told you how much I love overnight oats before but I think this is so cute, especially since it’s only £7.99. They also had a few other recipes so have a little look through their options.

I love Betty’s and this Christmas gift bag is lovely! It’s £25 and comes with some tasty treats, all wrapped up in this classic tote. You could always get this delivered to someone who is a little further away and bring a smile to their face (and stomach) on December 25th.

If you know someone who loves cooking, a set like this crumble dish would be perfect. Who doesn’t love a crumble? For £16 you get the dish and a custard jug, which are both seriously cute.

For a real treat, this hamper of goodies from Boots is ideal. It is also £25, and packed with tea, biscuits and jam!

This was my first ever gift guide so I hope it was helpful and that you enjoyed it! I have two more coming your way this week and I really loved putting them together. I do love a bit of online shopping and collating my top picks for each ‘theme’ was so much fun.

Kelly x

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