Guest Post: Living with a Blogger

Today, I’m handing the reins over to my best friend, housemate and frequent guest star, Sam. Since we spent so much time together, she gets to suffer through a lot of the behind the scenes work of this blog and now she wants to share it with you guys! How could I say no?

After many months (well…okay…years…) of Kelly requesting I write a post for her blog, I have finally decided to open a new word document and actually do it. I know, I know,  I’m impressed  that it has only taken me this long, but as it is exam season, procrastination seems more appealing than revision.

Now I have always had a few ideas on what to write about, it has ranged from the topic of monkeys to ‘how to be successfully lazy in 10 steps’, but Kelly recently proposed a new idea that gently introduces me into the world of blogging; living with a blogger.

Although I read Kelly’s blog and support her writing I have to admit blogging, and technology in general, is a constant mystery to me so unfortunately I cannot give away the secrets of the trade as it all looks a lot like gibberish to me.

However, after recently celebrating our 7 year anniversary I have managed to witness my friend go from an enthusiastic writer to a successful blogger! Spending these years absorbing what small facts I know about blogging, I feel qualified enough in Kelly-studies to provide a few tips to anyone thinking of moving in with a blogger…


1. Prepare for social media: Always be ready for a photo shoot and NEVER eat anything off your plate until documented evidence has been taken. If you are one to avoid the spotlight then maybe this isn’t the best for you but, considering my anti-photogenic nature, I actually really enjoy it and it always provides great memories to look back on.

2. Times do get stressful: Not for me personally but blogging takes up a lot of time and when you are as dedicated as Kelly is, it can mean a few days of intense work sessions. Just remember to always keep the blogger fed and thirst-free, preferably with some caffeinated substance (although there is none in the house today so I have failed my number one duty as a blogger roommate!).

3. Be willing to do the unexpected: Being a friend of a blogger means there is always new places to see and exciting things to do, whether visiting a local market or tasting the latest cuisine in town (which is always a bonus).

4. Adventure is the goal of any blogger lifestyle, so be prepared for any occasion. If they can write about it, they will.


Being friends and roommates with a blogger is a great experience and I would recommend it to everyone. Just remember the golden rule…when in doubt, peace and pout!

Not bad for her first post eh?

Kelly x


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