January 2015.

The first month of the year has been a good’un. I spent most of the month at home with my family, though there were plenty of trips up and down the country, visiting friends and family alike. I also got to spend some time with my Nana while she was in the UK, which was lovely-jubbly.

Eating: Home cooking. Both my momma and my Nana are foodies, with plenty of experience to support their passion. Luckily for me, that means lots of freshly cooked meals and treats all January long.Unluckily for my health, a lot of that was cake.

Drinking: Too much water. I’ve jumped on the new year bandwagon of trying to up my water intake but all it’s doing so far is making me need more frequent visits to the bathroom. Oh, the glam life.
Loving: My wonderful team over at The Click. It is amazing to work with passionate and like-minded individuals and I cannot thank them enough for all the hours and ideas they’ve contributed to the site.
Making: Overnight oats because really nobody is going to complain about making things a little easier in the morning.
Wearing: The really snuggly jumpers that Santa brought me. He’s got good taste.
Reading: The Throne of Glass series and a few other books that will be featuring here soon. I also got my hands on the Mollie Makes Blogging magazine so have been devouring that in an attempt to get my head around the techy-side of this online world. Progress is slow but is at least happening.
Craving: Iced coffee, all day long. Because apparently my brain hasn’t registered just how cold my body is most of the time.
Watching: I’m only 30000 years late to the party, but I’ve finally gotten in to Breaking Bad. I can finally get the references!
Listening To: 1989. Over and over and over again.
Looking Forward To: Term starting again. Because I’m a nerd and proud.

How was your month?

Kelly x

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