Meet Bobby.



If you’ve been keeping up with my social media posts, you might have noticed a little bit of puppy spam recently. This time I haven’t taken pictures of friends’ dogs (or strangers’). This time the pup is mine.

Recently the Schweizer family grew a little bit when we made the decision to bring home the cutest little whippet from our local Dogs Trust. My parents had been talking about this little guy for a little while but I wasn’t TOO invested from my bedroom in Scotland. Sure, his picture on the site was cute. And I had wanted a pup for a little while but it was still their decision to make so I was playing it cool.

And then I met him.

At around six months, Bobby stole my heart as soon as I met him when I popped home for the weekend. Playful and gentle, I knew I wanted him to come home with us as soon as we went for a walk with him.

I’m missing most of the puppy training since I’ve had to come back up to Scotland to finish my courses and sit my exams. That’s probably a good idea since I’m the biggest pushover going when it comes to him. I’ll let my family deal with the early morning walks and I’ll coo over videos of him playing away. I don’t mind, really.

There is one complication: Bobby doesn’t seem too sure about FaceTime.

Guess we’ll have to work on that one.

Kelly x



6 thoughts on “Meet Bobby.

  1. omg he is adorable!!! I really want a dog but with us both working full time I don’t think it’s possible at the mo :( I have been walking the pooches at my local rescue centre though, I know one day soon I will fall in love with one and that will be it!! :-S xx
    Lisa | Is It Just Meme

    1. I wasn’t too fussed about getting a dog until I met Bobby; after that, no wasn’t an option! Rescue centres are dangerous places! x

    1. He’s my first dog so I’m head over heels. Would definitely recommend the whole process with the Dogs Trust though – they made it easy! x