Our Christmas Traditions

Our Christmas Traditions

Since every family has their own traditions and habits over Christmas, I thought it might be fun to share some of ours. Just in case, you ever wondered how we celebrated in the This Northern Gal household…

Our Christmas Traditions

First up, our tree. My folks were always super strict about this growing up and it used to drive me barmy. Christmas trees are fine from the 1st of December in my books but we also wait until twelve days before Christmas to go get it, usually from the exact same place every year. It also has to come down within 12 days afterwards, which always feels like a sad, sad day.

The next tradition is one that has only really taken hold in the last couple of years but is one of my favourites. On Christmas Eve, my mum and I make the largest, most decadent hot chocolates that we can. We usually enjoy them while watching a Christmas film, which is The Polar Express most years. When I used to work in a gift shop on Christmas Eve, I used to look forward to coming home to this all day!

When it comes to Christmas Day, I think we do things a little unusually or at least you would think so considering some of the reactions we get! Stockings are first on the list in the morning, followed by breakfast. We are then allowed to open one present only, which makes for a very difficult choice. We then wait until after Christmas dinner has been enjoyed and tidied away before we get started on opening our presents. The first time I told my friends that we waited until the afternoon for the grand gift exchange, they looked at me like I had just admitted that I was from another planet. Surely we’re not the only ones? Either way, I’ve grown to love it ¬†and it’s one of my favourite parts of Christmas.

Come Boxing Day, we decide to leave the house and always head to the beach for a long walk. This is especially fun now that we have the dog as he LOVES the beach. Seriously, a trip there is the only Christmas present he could ever want.

What are your Christmas traditions?

Kelly x


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