Post-Christmas Blues

It’s hard to believe Christmas is over. After all the preparations and dreaming, it seemed to go by very quickly. But for all its brevity, it was a lot of fun. Christmas is one of the few occasions where it is acceptable for me to be surrounded by glitter so it is understandably one of my favourite times of you . The fact that champagne is also encouraged doesn’t hurt either.

ImageWe had Christmas dinner at Richard and Diane’s again and they definitely spoiled us with so much good food. I mean have you seen the size of this turkey?!ImageOh and did I mention that we tried our hands at balloon modelling? Waaay too much fun for five supposed adults…Even if our finished results looked nothing like the diagrams.

Now that the holiday is officially over I am taking full advantage of my lovely presents and having a Harry Potter marathon until New Year’s Eve. I’ll see you in about twenty hours.

Kelly x

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