Things That I Have Learnt From University (so far)

Things that I have learnt from University

I’m halfway through my second year at university and almost 50% done with my degree as a whole, which is a very, very scary thought. Although I still have a little while left to go before I hopefully graduate *touches wood*, I’ve already sat through a few lessons since I moved to this little seaside town.

Things that I have learnt from University

  1. It is possible to drink too much coffee and caffeine crashes are not fun.
  2. You will miss vegetables after eating nothing but carbs for an embarrassing amount of time.
  3. Having so much independence is a lot of fun…
  4. But sometimes you wish someone could just tell you what to do again.
  5. Nothing will make you more creative as a cook than almost empty cupboards.
  6. Use-by dates are only guidelines (especially if you don’t look too closely)
  7. You can wear a surprising number of clothes before you become immobile or have to put the heating in.
  8. You won’t understand referencing, even if you have to do it 6 times a term.
  9. There a billion ways to procrastinate and you will try every one of them when a deadline approaches.
  10. Time goes waaaay too quickly.

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