THINGS TO EAT: Voodoo Cafe, Darlington


Despite the fact that I’m desperately to save up some moolah, I absolutely love eating out. As soon as the option arrives, I leap at the chance. Most recently, that option was to go to lunch with April and after a quick chat about options, we decided to try out Voodoo Cafe in Darlington.


Now, I used to go to Voodoo a lot before I moved to Scotland. In fact, I even had my 18th birthday dinner there! Somewhere along the line, it fell off of my radar however so it has been a little while since I visited.

The lunch menu was smaller than I remembered but still had plenty of options for me. There was slightly less choice for April, who is a vegan, but she managed to make it work! We also had a sneak peek at the evening menu and it looked like she would have more options if we decided to come again later in the day.

Shall we get on with the food itself?DSCN7883



Since I am terribly indecisive, I went for the tapas-esque option and ordered three small plates rather than one dish. I ordered nachos (delicious and April helped with the none dairy parts!), a mini quesadilla (so good – their quesadillas are one of the things I used to love from Voodoo) and a mushroom taco. The taco was the real highlight for me. The mushrooms were slightly spicy, which went beautifully with some super crumbly feta. It was a winning combination!

DSCN7889April chose a salad and some wedges, which she declared tasty but she would have liked a slightly bigger portion! At least she will know for next time! I’m sure when we pop along for dinner, she’ll find something that is both flavorful and filling.

Kelly x


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