How to Throw a Birthday Treasure Hunt

throwing treasure hunt

Birthdays make me very happy. Not only my own (though I do love that) but celebrating other people’s. I absolutely love throwing parties for my friends. Sometimes I can get a little extravagant. Sometimes I decide it’s a great idea to plan a birthday bonanza in a city that’s almost 500 miles from me.

Sometimes that plan turns out to be a lot of fun.

 throwing treasure hunt

So much fun that I can’t see why you wouldn’t want to throw your own! Here’s how:

  1. Pick a location that has a lot of memories (and is easily accessible to lots of people).
  2. Work out some places that are important to you – we revisited some of the places we’ve had a lot of fun at on previous trips to London.
  3. Realise that it is impossible to visit everything so spend a lot of time on google maps trying to work out what can be squished onto one manageable route that will protect the feet of those involved.

throwing treasure hunt

4. Get out your rhyming dictionary! It’s time to concoct some clues. You get bonus points if you can make bad jokes while you rhyme.

5. Add glitter. Always add glitter.

6. Send out mysterious invitations to the birthday girl telling her a time and place but not much more.

throwing treasure hunt7. Head around London with frequent confused smiles and photo breaks.

8. Panic because you’re attempts at calculating how much time things would take were completely off.

9. Buy time by giving presents! Thank those who took the time to add extra layers and ribbons when wrapping their gifts.

10. Bribe a friend to wait at the end of your treasure hunt with balloons and party hats.

11. Quickly reveal the tablecloths, napkins and food that you’ve been trying to hide.

12. Get very confused by a build-your-own cake stand.

13. Settle in for a good old fashioned picnic and obsessively worry that you don’t have enough food, only to take home enough leftovers for a week.

14. Panic about low flying pigeons.

15. Open the bottle of Prosecco and reeeelax now that everything had gone to plan.

throwing treasure hunt throwing treasure hunt

Happy Birthday April!

Kelly x


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