48 Hours in Harrogate


Boy oh boy, it’s been a while since I’ve managed to write a travel post, hasn’t it? I’m sure I don’t need to explain why so instead let’s focus on the positives. I’ve just got back from a whirlwind trip to Harrogate.

Now, I’ve been to Harrogate before but I’ve never stayed over. Having two days gave me plenty of time to explore and show some of my favourite parts to my Nana, who travelled with me. We had a great time walking around the city, eating too much food and doing a touch too much shopping. I’m not going to share every little detail but I’d thought I’d share some photos and some of the key bits below.

Where we stayed:


Since we were travelling by train to Harrogate, we wanted to make sure that we stayed somewhere central. We chose to stay at the Hotel St George, which is just by Valley Gardens and the Royal Baths. It’s a really affordable option, with clean, cosy rooms and friendly staff. It is absolutely perfect if you want a base for adventuring, rather than a hotel with lots of facilities inside.

What we did:

We spent a lot of time just wandering around Harrogate, which is definitely something that I would recommend in general. However, there were some really cool parts that you should check out if you get the chance.

#1 Valley Gardens

236253124_579916399830489_2328832863738665959_n 236772670_355936576134227_6090462528525867852_nFirstly, you have to check out Valley Gardens. Not only is it completely free but it’s also beautiful. And there’s a great ice cream cafe inside!

You could quite easily lose a few hours in here as there are so many parts to it. Personally, my favourite part was the Japanese garden which was so calm and relaxing that you could forget that you were in quite a busy part of Harrogate. There were loads of families there too so it’s definitely a place to go if you’ve got some little ones that need to get some wiggles out of their systems.

#2 Mercer Art Gallery


Another free option is Mercer Art Gallery.  While I couldn’t take pictures inside, trust me when I say that there was truly lovely art pieces in here. From abstract to more classical, there was a little bit of everything. My absolute favourite part however was the jewellery on display from the 20th century social scene in Harrogate – it was so beautiful!

#3 Royal Pump Room Museum


While not free, this is definitely worth the few pounds for entry. It’s packed full of display, artefacts and information all about Harrogate’s history which I found truly fascinating. It is really well curated! However, it is worth mentioning that it is quite small in places so be prepared to hang back a little bit if you are worried about crowds. Everyone was really respectful but there are some tight nooks and crannies!

#4 Book shopping at Imagined Things

236607924_198840572298311_408331415144558471_n 237298982_1688375708218228_2641738370947759927_n

Surprise, surprise! We went book shopping! As soon as I heard about Imagined Things, I knew we would be going and it was well worth a visit. Friendly staff, well stocked shelves and a fun selection of extra bookish things… it is one of my new favourite places. And yes, I picked up a couple of new books. Book haul, anyone?

What we ate:


While we were only in Harrogate for one night, I knew I wanted to find somewhere lovely for our dinner and set to googling. I stumbled upon Sasso, checked out their menu and immediately decided this would be my choice. It was definitely a good ‘un. The food was so good that we both decided to have three courses of fresh, tasty Italian food. Plus, it was such good value.

I also have to say just how much I rated the staff; they were utterly brilliant. They really knew their stuff and would do as much as possible to make your visit great. We saw quite a few customers come in who were clearly regulars too.


In fact, we loved it so much that when we found out they had a sister venue, we went to that cafe the next day. It was called Caffe Marconi and it was truly lovely. I had the bruschetta trio which was packed with flavour.

I would wholeheartedly recommend both venues!

And there you have it – our quick trip to Harrogate. If you are looking for an affordable place for a quick visit, you really should consider Harrogate. It’s got history, culture and plenty of good food.

I didn’t want to bog you down with two many details but if there is anything that you would like some more information on, please just ask!

Kelly x


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