Back to the Bubble


So my plans to be really organised and schedule all my posts while I moved back to Scotland weren’t realised and I accidentally disappeared on you guys. I’m sure you missed me terribly.


But between Freshers Round 2 and the endless unpacking I’ve been trying to get through, my life seems to have been one massive rush since I crossed the border.

Not that I can complain. It has been so good to see all my friends and finally have a double bed all to myself in my new house. Last night, I even braved the sea of newbies to attend Clan Warfare, which is essentially a competition ¬†between the halls in St Andrews. If you haven’t guessed, my hall colours are green and blue.

I went along a little early to help instruct the new first years on the ways of our halls and to join the procession into the union, which included a bagpipe this year.


(^^^I may have been slightly excited for this one as it was my favourite night from my freshers).

It’s not all been wild nights out, not least because antibiotics mean I am having a tee-total freshers so far. Since I’m now supposedly older and wiser, I volunteered my services during Orientation.


If any of you have been in St Andrews recently you may have spotted me wearing this beautiful shirt giving tours and helping people settle into their new homes. Oh and getting lost in the building I lived in for an entire year.

Before I disappear, I just want to say sorry for flaking out but I’ve got foodie posts from the north and here in St Andrews in the works, some new companies to share with you and hopefully some tales from my second freshers…

Kelly x


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