Be Kind, St Andrews.

Be kind st Andrews This Northern Gal

Last night, I pulled up to my front door, overloaded with plenty of bags (and a burgeoning food parcel from my parents) and my heart fit to burst with excitement. After five long weeks, I was finally back at the house I call mine and ready to fall into an oblivious slumber in my double bed.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved being back in the north and spending some time with my family friends. Not having any university deadlines has given me the time (and state of mind) I needed to get on with some projects. (Check out one of them here). I’ve read books for the joy of reading, some of which I loved enough to share with you guys. I’ve caught up with friends and family up and down the country. I’ve tried some new foodie havens and made more than one visit to my favourite wine bar while I was in town..

Be kind st Andrews This Northern Gal

But I’m ready to go back. After a pleasing set of results that give me a little security, I’m ready for my new courses and to bury myself in new texts for the next few months. I’m ready to see my friends, go back to work and start experimenting in the kitchen again.

And even if I haven’t quite worked out what I’ll do after this term yet, I’m excited for it to start. Going to university to study a course that I love was always my dream and I am lucky enough to be living that. I may not have a new dream just yet (though there are a few maybes in the mix) but I’m going to take the time to enjoy the one I’m experiencing right now.

I’m ready to throw myself back into life in a crazy, seaside town and I’ll figure the rest out later.

So be kind to me St Andrews because  (I think) I’m ready for everything you’ve got for me. Let’s make this a good term, shall we?

Kelly x

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