I think I might need to make these confessions posts into a series because I have another one:

I’m crazily in love with theme parties. I love the attention to detail, the decorations, the picking the least party-like themes ever and making them into party themes. So when it came to throwing a house warming, I knew it was time to try another idea from my list. It was made a little more difficult by my house mate requesting a theme that nobody else would think of because it wasn’t really a theme but actually turned out to be a great theme. Huh. I admit it baffled me a little.

roald dahl

Roald Dahl! It’s wacky and fun and something that people can get as involved with as they feel comfortable with. We stated on the invites that costumes were encouraged but not necessary and some people really went to town with it. I’m talking homemade Mr Twit beards with cornflakes and everything.

Roald Dahl

The premise was simple: we split guests into teams depending on the books and then they had to compete for points. The team with the least points had to consume the Witches’ Cauldron – a particularly nasty concoction.

We decorated most of the downstairs, including the mirrors in the bathroom.  One had sunbeams coming out of it and the other a particularly hideous beard and eyebrows modelled from Mr Twit himself. We even managed to construct a giant peach out of chicken wire.

The camera didn’t stay out for too long as dancing took precedence as soon as Britney and ABBA made an appearance.

Kelly x

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