Ready for September? Volume 2.


So… how did it go? Are we happy? Relieved you no longer have to play the waiting game? However it went, I hope you are proud of yourself. A-levels aren’t easy are they?

I was going to publish this on Thursday but guessed you would all want a couple of days to celebrate and relax. I spent a blissful few days doing nothing of importance after the emotional stress of results day. I think I slept a lot as well after my rather fitful night sleep. So well done but make sure that you take some time to yourself before you need to start sorting things out.


Because my university needed us in town at the start of September, I only had a couple of weeks to sort out everything that I needed before I moved so it was all a little rushed. With a little extra time, you could do a lot more research than I did.

Essentially though, these are the important things that you will need before heading to your new home:

  1. A student bank account: If you wanted to, you could just use your everyday bank account but you miss out on a few handy benefits, not least of all interest free overdrafts that make a nice security blanket. I wouldn’t recommend using it if you can help it but it is reassuring to know that it is there just in case ends aren’t quite meeting. Some banks also offer discount cards and other extras to help you save a little money.
  2. A railcard:  Chances are that you are going to want to come home at some point and trust me this makes it a LOT cheaper. They only cost about £30 but you make that money back within a trip or two. It also makes it less expensive if you fancy a day trip or want to visit your friends at their university. This one is a major lifesaver.
  3. Your documents:  So I may or may not have left most of these at home and then had to ring my mother in a bit of a tizz because I urgently needed my National Insurance number and a copy of my passport to apply for a job. Not fun and probably cost me valuable brownie points with my folks. Oh and don’t forget that you will need some form of ID to take part in some freshers events…

Get these sorted and then you can deal with the less-official-but-no-less-important things. Like how many pairs of shoes you are going to need for freshers. But we will deal with that next week!

Let me know how you did or any tips you might have/want to know/ heard on the grapevine…

Kelly x

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