Ready for September? Volume 4.

Be warned - there's a lot of fancy dress and props involved!

Oh September is so close! I’m actually meant to be packing right now but the massive collection of clothes is a little daunting. So I thought I’d put together the final installment of my ‘Ready for September’ series for y’all. I’m sure I’ll learn plenty about second year when I get up there and I’ll share that with you too but for now, take my wisdom dear readers and use it well.

Be warned - there's a lot of fancy dress and props involved!
Be warned – there’s a lot of fancy dress and props involved!

Fresher’s week: the do’s and don’t:

  1. Do make an effort to be friendly to your neighbours. You’re going to be living in close quarters with them for the next year so it really does pay to have them on your good side. Nobody wants to spend the entire year getting hackies every time you bump into them in the hallway.
  2. Don’t be afraid to go into the communal areas of your hall. They can seem really intimidating but everyone is in the same position, and the earlier you get it over with, the easier it is.
  3. Do take advantage of your fresher’s fair. Milk this for all it is worth. Sam laughed at me for taking the time to visit every single stall but I got so many freebies and vouchers that saved me  A LOT of money throughout the year. I also left with enough coffee cups to last me a lifetime. Besides, it is one of the easiest ways to get to see the societies and even if you ignore their emails for the rest of the year (sorry, swimming club), at least, you are in the loop if something really takes your fancy (hello french society’s moulin rouge night).
  4. Don’t feel pressured into going ‘out out’ every night. The truth is it is really tiring and expensive  so if you fancy a night in with your new friends or going out for dinner instead, do it. You have all year to visit the same pubs and clubs and drink cheap beer.
  5. Do venture outside of your comfort zone a little. If there is something you have always wanted to try but never had the opportunity to, now is the chance. I don’t know about every university but St Andrews has every single society you could think of so take advantage of that.

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