THINGS TO DO: Silent Reading Party

Silent Reading Party

Let’s set the scene. It is 4pm on a weekday and I am in the library. I am surrounded by notes,¬†coffee cups and dried up pens. A glance at my phone reminds me that there is an event on in Dundee at 5.30pm that I had my eye on earlier. Still, Dundee is half an hour away and I have a little more work to do.

Somehow, ten minutes later, I was on the bus and frantically trying to google directions to Brewdog, where the event was held.Brewdog Food Menu

Brewdog Menu


Suprisingly myself, I managed to find it and found the silent reading party that I was looking for. Aiming to help people find a little more time in their hectic schedules for their neglected books, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to break myself out of my reading slump. Ignoring my ‘work’ books, I pulled out a creepier offering that I was trying to read for fun and got stuck in.

Silent Drinking party coffee

Silent Reading Party


Although I was a little nervous about the event, it was so much fun! Everyone was so friendly and welcoming that I instantly felt comfortable. Settling in with a cappuccino, it was so nice to just sit and read for an hour. Once the time was up, there was also time to chat books with like minded people, which, as you probably all know, is something that I love to. I’m currently keeping my eyes peeled for the next event since its a monthly thing and something I intend to do again.

Having a quick look through the Brewdog menus, I quickly marked it on to my ‘to eat at’ list. It’s a pretty long list, but I’m hoping I can convince Sam to make the trek to Dundee with me to check it out. It seemed like her kind of place so I’m hopeful!

Have you ever attended a silent reading party? I hope it was as fun as this one if so!

Kelly x

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