THINGS TO SEE: Not Another Bloody Mystery*


I received two free press tickets to this event. This in no way affects my honest review of the evening.


If you’re looking for something different to do, I have just the event for you!

Not Another Bloody Murder is the latest exciting event at Lumley Castle. Part theatre performance, part dinner, this is a murder mystery with a difference. Yes you have a mystery to solve but you have also got some quality entertainment, a beautiful venue and a 3 course dinner.


First of all, let’s chat about the venue.

This was my first trip to Lumley Castle but after this, it won’t be the last. Dating back to 1388, Lumley Castle is packed with history and the current hotel truly honours and preserves that. It is an utterly fascinating place and you could lose hours wandering through it. The only thing I would say is be smart with your shoe choices: some of these floors are a bit uneven.

After a welcome drink , it was time to start the evening. A murder had struck the castle and our hosts asked us to move into the dining room to await the police. While we tucked into some soup, they began their investigation.

I won’t go into too much details as it is a very clever and very funny show that earns the writers some serious credit but I do want to let you know that it is a brilliant production. The acts are split up so you have time to enjoy your food but it is so immersive that you can’t help but kept swept up in it. We were so invested that we were taking notes to try and figure it out – we weren’t the only ones either! The entire cast and crew should be so proud of the entertainment they provided during the night. It was one of the absolute highlights for me. Even though we didn’t manage to work out who dunnit, we had so much fun giving it a go!


278885353_1057103258550277_3066189533463733138_nWhat truly made it special was the food for me though. You know how much I love theatre but being immersed in it while enjoying a 3 course dinner was something else. It was a set menu but this has just allowed the kitchen to have some creativity with it. The soup and roast chicken were linked to the plot of the play while the dessert was our very own murder scene – it was utterly delicious too.

Plus, I’ve been dreaming about the potatoes from the main since Friday night.

I definitely want to try more of the food from Lumley Castle soon after this insight into their talents. I think it might be time to try their Afternoon Tea… and maybe pick up one of the teddy bears as a souvenir soon.

What truly impressed me was our friendly and welcoming the staff were. Everyone we met was keen to help and tell us more about the castle. They really took care of our every need while we were there and I can imagine how wonderful a dinner or stay at the hotel would be with them in charge.


Although this was my first trip to Lumley Castle, I don’t think this is going to be my last. I think this might be one of the most welcoming and fun venues in the area. I cannot wait to come back and see more of their offerings.

If you fancy trying the Not Another Blood Murder mystery evening for yourself, it is going to become a regular addition to their calendar. Tickets are £39.5o for your show and dinner, with the next available date being the 17th June. You can find more details for this event or any of their other events on their website – you might even see me there soon!

Kelly x

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