Welcome to the 60s.

If you didn’t sing the title to this post as if you were from Hairspray, you need to go back and try again. Got it this time? Good. Now for the actual post…

One of the best part of doing freshers as a non-fresher is you don’t feel the need to do everything on the timetable. Sometimes it is far more enjoyable to spend your evenings with a close group of friends celebrating a birthday, especially when the chance to get my vintage on arises.


We were told to either arrive as a 50s conservative parent or a 60s rebellious teenager. For once in my life I decided to not wear my knee length skirts and cat eye glasses.

I┬ádidn’t manage to get a photo of my outfit but it involved purple knee high boots. Not that I need the extra height but between the heels and the mini-beehive, I was in dangerous head-hitting territory.

My academic dad (our host for the night) threw in a couple of extra surprise rules throughout the night, including making some of the guests KGB agents who had to assassinate their fellow guests. I was lucky enough to be chosen as a spy which is basically like the coolest thing ever in my books because it has been my not-so-secret dream career since I was a kid. I even had the sunglasses with the mirrors in so that I could see any one who wanted to sneak up on me.

DSCN1809We were left a note in the bathroom with our kill orders. After collecting my bottle of poison, I quickly realised mass-murder was the only way forward and took to contaminating the communal resources, like the Pimms’ fruit and birthday cake. Sometimes I scare myself with my evil geniusness. I quickly sussed out my fellow spies and realised that I had the one and only Austin Powers as a teammate. That really is the only reason we did so brilliantly.

DSCN1830Even if the ‘super-spy’ stained his sleeves green with the poison and almost killed me.

Kelly x


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