My Current Haircare Routine

Hair Care Tangle Teezer

I thought that I would post something a little different today and share my haircare routine with you all. Now, I have very little skill when it comes to doing my hair and all of that is focusing on at least making it manageable. Left to its own devices, my hair turns into one frizzy, wavy knot that would take an army to detangle.

Luckily, I’ve discovered a few things that help so if anyone has similar problems, I hope you find something that you can try too.

First up, I wash my hair with a super conditioning shampoo and conditioner, preferably something with ‘smooth’ or ‘sleek’ in the descriptions. Currently I’m using the Creightons Keratin Pro Shampoo and Conditioner*, which leaves my hair so soft! Other favourites include the Superdrug Coconut Water duo.

HairCare Shampoo and Conditioner

About once a week, I’ll use a leave in conditioner to really work moisture into my often dry hair. I have found that doing this regularly helps prevent my hair getting as brittle and knotty as it used to, especially when St Andrews is feeling particularly stormy. This Coconut Water & Coconut Oil Masque from Superdrug is my favourite, though unfortunately they don’t sell it in the St Andrews store. In fact, I think I may have written about this before; the love affair is REAL.

Haircare masque

Next up is a serum which I run through the ends before I brush my wet hair. I had just about run out of the Liz Earle Botanical Shine Nourishing Hair Oil when a care package from Creightons arrived at my flat. Instead, I’ve been using the Frizz No More Sleek & Shine Miracle Serum*, which seems to be working just as well. Hair care Serum

Last but not least is an old favourite not only on This Northern Gal but in the blogosphere in general. My life changed when I got a Tangle Teezer and I genuinely can not imagine going back to a regular hairbrush. It not only cuts the amount of time it takes to brush my hair but doesn’t pull or tug anywhere near as much. In fact, I’m thinking of picking up a second one to keep in my handbag/ for emergencies.Hair Care Tangle TeezerThis particular combination really seems to help keep my hair more manageable and means that I don’t have to worry too much about styling it when it’s dry. It gives it a smoother appearance, which means that I can just pin some of it out of the way on a morning. It makes everything about 10x easier, which is a dream!

How do you look after your hair?

Kelly x

P.S Creightons were kind enough to send me a care package of PR goodies, but all opinions and enthusiasm are my own!

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