An Update on my Book Buying Ban



If you read this post, you’ll know that I put myself on a book buying ban for September in an attempt to curb my spending and tackle my TBR. When I first came back from university, my TBR was sitting at 70+. When I wrote that post in September, it was closer to 40. It’s currently sitting at 35. That might not seem like much progress but considering the fact that I also got 10 or so new books in that month, I think I’m doing ok! I also re-read the Harry Potter series during this time, which took a while.

Now I know what you are thinking – 10 new books and a book buying ban? That doesn’t add up Kelly. These books were either gifted to me by friends, sent by publishers, given in FairyLoot boxes or, on one occasion, swapped at a hotel. I haven’t bought myself any new books since I started that ban in September and even extended it to include October. Not bad, if I do say so myself. I’ve been making a real effort to read through the books I already have and no longer feel quite so overwhelmed by how many books are sitting unread on my shelves. It’s been fun to rediscover books that have been neglected for an embarrassingly long time and I can’t deny that my bank balance is thanking me for it.

In fact, it is working so well that I’m thinking of extending it again to see if I can make my TBR even smaller.I haven’t quite decided how long it will be for as I think one of the deadlines I have in mind might be a little crazy. In would appreciate your thoughts on it actually. Should I extend my book buying ban until the end of November or really go for it and not buy myself any books until Christmas?

I know, I know. A major test of willpower, especially with so many great new books coming out at the moment. But I am tempted, I have to admit. It would mean that I would have a real chance of shrinking my TBR even more and that I could save more money to buy Christmas presents for people and maybe go away again in the new year.  Though I haven’t quite decided, I will at the very least not be buying myself any more books until the end of November – eek! I hope I can manage three months without buying any new books, maybe even longer.

Kelly x


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