REVIEW: England Poems from a School



This book.

It is one of my favourite books of the year and I haven’t been able to stop recommending it to people.

I’ve made no secret of my love for poetry and this book has completely reaffirmed that love for me. This is a collection of poems from students. These young poets have shared their experiences and perspectives in a hard-hitting and uplifting manner.

These poems are beautiful, and at times, brutal. They are raw and unpolished in the best way. There is a little bit of magic in these pages and in the words chosen by some exceptionally talented students. They are fresh and give a wonderfully intimate insight into some of the issues faced by young people in England.

I was truly touched by the poems in this collection and know that many of them will stay with me for a long time.

Personal favourites from the collection include ‘The Word Ummi – My Mother’, ‘I Come From’ and ‘War Memoir’ but there are countless other poems in England Poems From a School that I truly loved and admired. It is hard to truly quantify just how powerful this collection is. It is a magic that you have to experience for yourself.

I hope you get that opportunity soon.

Kelly x

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