REVIEW: Hold Back the Tide


You guys. This book is a masterpiece. An absolute masterpiece.

Last night, I thought I’d read for half an hour or so and instead I had to stay up and read the second half of the book because I simply had to finish it. I really liked Melinda Salisbury’s other books but I loved this! It is best yet.

Hold Back the Tide is the story of Alva Douglas who lives with her father in the mountain by the loch. After a mysterious incident with her mother, she is determined to leave her life behind and start again far far away. However dark forces are stirring in Ormscaula and Alva finds herself swept up in it. She has a choice: run away or find some clues to her own past.

What follows is a dark and chilling story that utterly sweeps you up. I was captivated by Alva and I think she might be one of my new favourite protagonists. She’s messy and vulnerable and fierce, in all the best ways. She is at the centre of the mystery of Hold Back the Tide and really carries that role well. It really makes sense that she is the character who keeps being inquisitive and pushing things. I just absolutely love her!

I also loved the influence of Scottish folklore in this. Scotland will always have a piece of my heart and it was the perfect setting for this deliciously dark tale.

There are a couple of other things that I love about the book that I dared talk about in case I spoil both the mystery and the ending but trust me, they’re amazing elements to it! If you’ve read the book and know what I’m alluding to, get in touch because I have a lot of feelings. A lot. The ending in particular had me swearing to myself!

What I loved most about this is that you are immersed in the story immediately. A lot of books that I’ve read recently have required a bit of patience to get in to but this swept me up from the first chapter. Actually, probably even the first line! There is a magic in this book that will leave you needing to devour Hold Back the Tide.

A masterpiece, I’m telling you.

Kelly x

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