REVIEW: Life of Pi

One of the best things about having some time off is not having to read something I have to. Which may make me sound like a nerd, but hey, I like books. (If you hadn’t guessed from the whole degree in English thing). life of pi
When we arrived in St Andrews, we were all given a copy of the Life of Pi by Yann Martel by the university. I think the idea was that it would give us something to talk about in the awkward first month or so but the truth was I didn’t have the time to read anything that wasn’t for my courses.

As soon as I found myself back in Darlington, I picked it up and thought I would see what it was all about. And then struggled to put it down again. This is one of the few occasions on which I had watched the film before I read the book (something I try to avoid at all costs) but it didn’t take away from it at all. Like you would expect, there is a lot left out of the film that works so well in the book. I cannot fathom what it would be like to be in Pi’s situation – stranded at sea for the better half of a year with little hope of survival. Knowing me, I would curl up and cry. Or try and make tea, since that is my go to response to stress. But, the Life of Pi is a pretty amazing tale of survival and appreciating the good stuff no matter how small it is. life of pi 2

If you’ve got the chance pick it up and learn just how beautiful and terrifying the world can be.

Kelly x

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