REVIEW: The Boneless Mercies



This book, you guys, this book.

This was the perfect fun, easy-reading fantasy that I needed to get me out of my slump!

The Boneless Mercies is the story of Frey and her companions. They are death-traders, travelling from village and dispensing death for a few coins. It is a hard and unsettled life and one Frey is going tired of.

Killing a brutal and merciless monster seems like the better choice. With a new quest in mind, Frey and her friends set off, journeying across the land. A series of adventures and moral dilemmas face them, and watching Frey deal with them was one of my favourite parts of the novel. She was a character that I instantly liked and was invested in! She really carried the novel and was someone I cared about, much more so than her companions who were given limited page time in The Boneless Mercies.

I also really like the way the writer used Norse mythology in her writing, and I think I even picked up on some Beowolf references. It was a different mythology than I am used to but worked really well in this fantasy.

If you’re looking for an enjoyable, easy fantasy with a moral dilemma or two thrown in, I really would recommend picking this up.

Kelly x

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