REVIEW: The Burning Chambers


I feel long term readers of this blog will know my top tier genres. They know I love fantasy, gothic and dystopian books. But they might not know that I also have a soft spot for historical fiction.

Admittedly, it’s not one of my go to genres because I have to be in a very specific mood for it. But when that mood strikes? It’s time for a historical fiction binge.

And that’s what happened recently.

After an online event with Kate Mosse, I decided it was time to try some more of her books. I’ve read quite a few a while ago but it had admittedly been a while. I decided to start with The Burning Chambers which is a truly epic piece of historical fiction.

Set in 16th century France, The Burning Chambers is a mysterious and thrilling love story set in the time of great conflict between Catholics and Protestants. For Minou, a 19 year old woman happily working at her father’s bookshop, this conflict throws everything she had known in the air and puts her very life in danger.

Now, having read Labyrinth, I knew Mosse was more than capable of transporting her readers back in history but this tangled web of deception and lies only proved her talent. It is clear how well researched the book is but without feeling like a history textbook. It is more of a case of there being so much detail that it’s impossible not to feel like you’ve been transported back to 1562.

I also really enjoyed the love story in this book as I think the mystery helped to stop it from being too romance-y. It was a real case of forbidden love, as Minou is a Catholic and her love interest wasn’t.

Overall, this is an epically detailed historical fiction which will transport you to 16th century France while you are tucked up in the cozy comfort of your living room!

Kelly x

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