REVIEW: The Midnight Library


Sometimes you just read a book that is really, really lovely. A book that makes you think, makes you smile and maybe even makes you cry.

That was The Midnight Library for me.

This is a popular and well known book but one that I’ve avoided for a while. If I’m honest, I was more than a little intimidated by the hype. Now, however, I completely understand it.

The Midnight Library is the current read for my book club, which gave me the much needed push to read it. It’s all about Nora, who is struggling with her mental health. In the midst of regret and despair, she finds herself in a library of all of her possible lives. She is given the opportunity to try some of her other lives out and find out what matters most to her.

In this, Haig explores ideas of success, love and happiness beautifully. In trying to find out what matters to her, Nora finds out what is truly important in a very affirming way. I don’t want to spoil it but it was truly lovely to see her mentality changing with each life.

It is also a book that is easy to get swept up in; I read it in a couple of days because it is a quick read! I wanted to find out what was happening to Nora so I kept finding a quick 15 minutes here and there to jump back in to it. Despite the heavy and difficult themes, it is written with an ease that makes you want to return to it again and again. It truly is a book that celebrates life in all its small wonders, which I loved.

Finally, I also just really enjoyed the premise of The Midnight Library. It’s a really unique idea but very well executed. The library became a character in and of itself, which I loved reading about. Plus, I just found it strangely reassuring that somewhere there might be a library full of all of my possible lives. Lives in which I became a writer, or travelled or did something which I can’t even imagine yet! It is just such a beautifully comforting idea to me.

Overall, this is just a really lovely read. It was the little bit of reassurance and positivity that I didn’t know that I needed but that I really enjoyed!

Kelly x

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