REVIEW: Wild Embers


Are you ready for my final Nikita Gill review? I’m a little worried that I’m just gushing by this point but I’m a serious Nikita Gill fangirl and I’m not sure that’s going to change any time soon! I’ll keep this one a little shorter since my previous reviews already deal with my love for this poet. You can find them in the books category if you missed them!

Wild Embers is another poetry collection, though this time about ‘rebellion, fire and beauty’. Although this doesn’t have a direct mythological or fairytale theme, I could definitely sense those influences in it. There were some wonderful witchy poems in this collection that I truly loved.

This was a really affirming collection of poems that I had a personal reaction to! I felt really assured by this collection and it was exactly the kind of comforting content that I needed during these crazy times. I have a feeling that it will be a collection that I choose to come back to quite a lot.

Finally, this collection was a lot more modern and politics then the others. Expect poems that explicitly deal with feminist issues and other topical issues. These issues were really well handled and certainly got me thinking!

What more can you ask for from your poetry?

Kelly x

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