What I Wish I Could See at the Northern YA Literary Festival


Long time readers of This Northern Gal will know that last year I attended the Northern YA Literary Festival and I loved it. If you didn’t see that post or just want a reminder about how great it was, you can find my wrap up here.


I’ve been eagerly awaiting my chance to go back again this year but unfortunately I have to be at a work conference. I am absolutely gutted. That hasn’t stopped me from eagerly following all of the updates and planning all of the events that I would go to if I could. I’m exceptionally proud of the work that the team at UClan put into this and beyond excited for what looks like another fantastic event!

  1. Creative Writing Workshop with Melvin Burgess & Lucy Christopher. As some of you may know, I do enjoy a bit of creative writing myself and so this session seems right up my street!
  2. Ask the Agents with Chloe Seager, Louise Lamont & Sandra Sawicka. As I said above, I enjoy creative writing and it would be fantastic to hear a little bit more about the publishing process from an agent’s point of view.
  3.  Feminist Fantasy Panel  with Melinda Salisbury, Samantha Shannon, Laure Eve & Rose Edwards. This has some of my fave authors on it and is all about fantasy (I LOVE fantasy) so I’m gutted that I won’t get to be at this panel.
  4. Inclusiveness in YA Panel  with Non Pratt, A.J. Hartley, Bali Rai & Mel Darbon. I think this is such an important topic and one that warrants public discussions so I am so glad that the Northern YA Literary Festival are offering this to guests this year.
  5.  Shame-Less Panel  with Katie Webber, Melvin Burgess, Laura Steven & Tamsin Winter. I loved hearing Katie and Laura speak last year and would have loved to have seen them again. I am sure they will be every bit as fantastic as they were last year.

Now, I am unable to attend myself but I am hoping to send along a This Northern Gal stand-in who can cover the event for you all and write a wrap up for you. This is an event that shouldn’t be missed and I would hate it if I missed it and I was unable to get any coverage for you guys so trust me when I say I’m working on it.

If you are free on the 16th March, I would definitely recommend heading along and checking it out for yourself! For more information, head to the Northern YA Literary Festival website, which you can find here.

Kelly x

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