Why I’m finally using audiobooks


It’s a fairly well documented fact that I’m a bit old fashioned when it comes to reading. I’m very, very loyal to physical books.

I have a kindle that is used once every couple of years when I have a weight limit on my luggage on holiday. I have neglected ebooks on my ipad. And I have an audible account that I barely use.

Until lockdown.

I’m just as surprised as you but somehow, I’ve been fully converted to an audiobook. I love them and have been merrily raving about them to all of my friends as if they are some kind of shiny, new invention.

So what is it that’s caused this revelation?

It might be the lockdown getting to me and making me look for something new OR it might be that I’ve found what works for me.

I always used to struggle with audiobooks because I felt like if I’ve missed something or my concentration has drifted, I can’t just go back and re-read a paragraph. I would get frustrated that I’d missed something and not re-engage with a text.

The solution?

I use audiobooks to re-read texts I know and love or for classics that I know the rough plot of. That way, I know that it doesn’t matter if my concentration drifts for a little bit because I still know what’s going on.

Knowing that I don’t need to 100% concentrate on every single word has taken some of the pressure off and now I feel like I can just enjoy a story. Plus, by re-reading series I love, I feel like I’m not taking away from other reading time for my burgeoning TBR. I’m re-meeting my favourite characters in audio format and still reading new things physically.

Honestly, such a simple realisation has meant that I am devouring audiobooks. With being home so much at the moment, I’m making the most of audiobooks while I cook, clean or get through some admin tasks. It means I’m reading in some way every single day, even if I don’t feel like I have the time to pick up my physical book. I also love that I can pick up the speed on the audiobook so it doesn’t take me as long to read a classic or re-read a whole series!

I’ve got through the Harry Potter series in this way and I’m currently working through the Throne of Glass series too. They’ve both got fabulous narrators, which also helps.

I think I might try Six of Crows on audiobook next too so that I can pick up its sequel too. I’ve been meaning to finish this duology for ages so it seems like the perfect solution!

Do you like audiobooks?

Kelly x

2 thoughts on “Why I’m finally using audiobooks

    1. It’s made so much difference to my reading! I always used to feel guilty for wanting to re-read since my TBR is so big! x

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