Independent Food and Drink Retailers You Can Support (Darlington edition)


Boy that’s a long title isn’t it? I wanted to try and make it snappy but it was a) cheesy and b) confusing on a post that should do exactly what it says on its elongated tin. The fact is that it is pretty scary time to be a smaller business right now. Amidst all of the numerous challenges that we are facing, our favourite bars, restaurants and coffee shops are struggling to stay afloat.

To try and help (and give myself a break from cooking), I’ve decided that I’m allowed one takeaway a week from the local business that I love. I shared this decision on my instagram recently and people seemed pretty intrigued by the idea so I volunteered to do a post for you all. Obviously, I’ve not managed to try all of their lockdown offerings yet but they are either businesses that I already loved or that come highly recommended by people I trust. I’ll mark the ones that I’ve already tried with a ^ so that you know that they definitely come with the TNG stamp of approval. I’ll also be updating this when I get some more recommendations so keep popping back!

Finally, these recommendations are all for Darlington but if you are further afield, I can do some digging and come up with another list. Some of these also do delivery for a little further outside of town so it might be worth checking out.


  1. Cheese and Wine Shop^. This is a new discovery for me but a very much loved one! I purchased a wine and cheese bundle from them (with a Spanish theme) and I honestly can’t recommend them enough. The products were such high quality and the customer service was amazing. The portions are also really healthy for the price! You can check out their website here: And just take a look at my purchase from them! ERAL4186[1]
  2. Falafel Fella. Local residents love this restaurant, with very good reason. This is my weekend treat for this weekend because boy do I miss it. You can find the website here: or head to @falfelfellafood on Instagram.
  3. Stable Hearth Pizzeria^.  When I posted my picture from Stable Hearth recently, it got a lot of love and I can see why! This was every bit as good as I remembered from my previous visits.  Just a note: you will want to preorder early in the week if you want weekend collection. I pre-ordered through their facebook, which you can find here: Have a look at this pizza!HBJK2820[1]
  4. Sol Tapas. If you’re missing Spanish food, Sol Tapas are still available for takeaway. They have their tapas available, as well as a set menu which looks like it is good value for money! You can find their website at but they do seem to be posting regular updates on instagram (@soltapasrestaurant).
  5. Sortie ^. If you want a cheese and meat platter, these guys will provide! While similar to the Cheese & Wine Shop, the focus is more on a charcuterie board with all the trimmings. They’re also offering cocktails for takeaway, which is an intriguing idea. You can find them on instagram at @sortie_charcuterie. Here’s my recent purchase from them if you are interested.IMG_3030[1]
  6. Frivolity Bottle Shop. Based in Cockerton, I had meant to pop in before all this and now I’m drooling over their instagram. Selling wine, beer and fizz, these guys are delivering to Darlington. If your wine rack is looking a little empty, check out their website here: .
  7. Phixx. Even if they can’t provide our caffeine fix, these guys have just started a delivery service for their baked goods. Their most frequent updates seem to be on Instagram (@phixxcoffeelounge).
  8. Andy’s Candy Bar. This one was recommended by a trusted friend but I am certainly intrigued. The best place to find the sweet delivery service is on Facebook ( and a delivery from them would definitely satisfy a sweet tooth craving.
  9. CakeBab. Another recommendation with a Facebook page, these guys have launched an afternoon tea delivery service if you have something to celebrate. You can find their Facebook here:
  10. Sweet Art Cakes ^. I contacted this company on Instagram (@sweetartcakesdarlington) for a delivery for some family members and I can’t recommend their customer service enough. Although it maybe isn’t a regular occurrence, if you have a lockdown celebration coming up they are well worth checking out! Look at these beautiful cupcakes!92582225_10158391762213816_6826915774725095424_n
  11. Hole in the Wall. The pubs might be closed but if you’re missing some good pub grub, these guys are offering takeaway.  The most frequent updates seem to be on their Facebook account:
  12. Salt. If you’re missing street food, these guys have released a takeaway menu. The slots go quickly on a daily basis so keep an eye on their Instagram (@salt_darlington) stories for a chance to get one!
  13. Tea With Alice. They’re back! I’ve been eagerly awaiting their return after a well earned break because I have had my eye on their hampers. They’re pretty active on both Facebook and Instagram but if you want to shop direct, check out their new online shop:
  14. Angels Cut. One of the coolest bars in town, these guys are still selling alcohol so you can enjoy their stock at home. You can shop directly at
  15. Santorini. This Greek restaurant is still delivering and have even launched a Sunday Greek Roast. The best place for their updates seems to be on Facebook:
  16. Meze. I love this Turkish restaurant so was so excited to see that they are doing deliveries. It seems like it is best to phone them for an order or use their Facebook account:
  17. The Tapas Bar. Cleverly rebranded as the Tapas Car, fans of this Darlington staple can now get Tapas delivered to their door. While I’ve not personally tried it, friends have and have raved about it. They’re pretty vocal about their menu on Instagram so definitely check that out if you fancy ordering.
  18. Echo Three. This is one of my favourite coffee shops in town and they’ve just started doing a collection service for coffee and cake! Check their Instagram for opening times and updates.
  19. Hatch^. Another fave, these guys have opened up their window for takeaway coffee and a limited menu. Judging from their Instagram updates, it is going down well! I picked up coffee, cake and a sarnie for a little outdoor picnic the other day and it was absolutely lush.  I’m so glad that these guys are open again.
  20. The Juniper Tree^. I was so excited when I saw that these guys were delivering again. I didn’t get any pictures of it but I can wholeheartedly recommend their Poutine and Espresso Martini. For more information, check out their facebook page:

Phew! That’s a mammoth one. I’ll try and keep updating this as I can so if you can think of any recommendations for Darlington (or even further afield if you fancy that post), let me know!

Kelly x

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