THINGS TO EAT: Five Houses, Crathorne

FIve Houses

A few weeks ago, I got an exciting and mysterious message from a very good friend of mine. It was an invitation to hang out with her, and to explore a new farm shop that she had her eye on. Now, I do love a good farm shop so I was certainly intrigued. I hopped in her car and trusted her to take me to see it for myself – at this point, I didn’t even know what it was called.

Usually, I’m the one begging my friends to try new foodie spots so it was quite strange to be the one without a plan.

FIve Houses

I needn’t have worried. As soon as I walked into Five Houses, I knew that I loved it. It’s really similar to Balgove Larder (aka one of my favourite foodie spots in St Andrews which I miss terribly). It is packed with great food, most of which is from local brands. There was fresh fruit and vegetables, cheeses, wines, a bakery, pasta, pies and even it’s own butchers.


I was dangerously close to spending a lot of money!

However, my purse was saved because we decided to head into the cafe and get some lunch. It was a beautiful day outside so we ate outdoors. It was absolutely stunning out in the courtyard, which helped to make for a lovely relaxed meal catching up with friends that I hadn’t seen in far too long. The wine also helped.

Now, on to the food. Amy and I both went for the Yorkshire platter and it was so very, very good.


As someone who is seriously indecisive when it comes to ordering (especially when I’m visiting somewhere new), ordering a platter is a bit of a lifesaver. It gives me a chance to try a lot of different things that a place has on offer and everything on my plate at Five Houses was delicious. Especially the cheese. It also came with high praise from Amy!

That did not stop us from having a touch of food envy when we saw what our companions had chosen. Sam went for the pie, which she has reliably informed us was great.

My real jealousy came from looking at this steak sandwich. I’m already trying to convince people that we should return to Five Houses, just so that I can try this sandwich for myself.


At least I won’t have to worry about what to order the next time I visit!

Kelly x

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