THINGS TO EAT: Hoity Toitea Vintage Tea Rooms


Darlington friends! This review is for you. Some of you may have noticed that there is a new tea room on Post- House Wynd, and it looks a little different from some of those in town. That’s right, I’m talking about Hoity-Toitea, the steam punk themed tea rooms that has just opened up in Darlington. Like many of you, the idea of such an unusual take on a tea room intrigued me endlessly so when mum suggested meeting in town for a quick lunch, I was quick to recommend that we met in Hoity-Toitea.





If you’ll let me dwell on first impressions for a moment, I would just like to say that I love the decor inside. They’ve done a great job at updating the space and I’m exciting to see what else they have planned. It’s definitely different from some of the other places we have in town.


Hoity Toitea cake

Hoity Toitea sandwiches

Hoity Toitea Waffles



They also have an impressive selection of tasty sounding sandwiches and light dishes. There was certainly plenty to choose from and it took us a little while to decide what we were having. Eventually, I decided on the halloumi, avocado and minted pea sandwich (delicious!), while Mum chose to have the waffles with bacon and syrup (so good!). I was impressed not only by the variety of the food on offer but the quality of it too. We washed them down with luxury hot chocolates, which were divine. Made with milk and served with plenty of cream, they were a decadent treat but delicious.

I have to admit that the timings weren’t quite perfect (there was a bit of a delay between our dishes coming out) but I’m confident that such niggles will be ironed out in time. I’m more than happy to go back in a month or so to test my theory! The staff were really friendly and helpful, which also helped. Good service meant that the delay didn’t become a problem and I definitely won’t let it colour my memories of a lovely lunch out with my mum. It is worth bearing in mind however, especially if you are on quite strict timings for lunch.

If you’re looking for somewhere a little different for a quick bite to eat, I would recommend popping in and trying Hoity-Toitea for yourself!

Kelly x

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