THINGS TO EAT: Mammacita, St Andrews

Things to eat Mammacita

There’s something so exciting about new restaurants arriving in town, especially since the last few weeks in St Andrews had involved walking past the boarded restaurant. The signs gave little away but that just made me more excited to see what exactly Mammacita had to offer our little town.

Unfortunately, I was still in the north east during the grand opening so just had to have a little stalk at all the action on social media until I was back in Scotland. As soon as I crossed the border I got impatient however, and convinced my mum and Sam to come with me a couple of hours after we arrived! I think we would all agree that it’s somewhere we would come back to.

But I’m getting a little ahead of myself. I suppose I should tell you about the food before I rave about it too much. Mammacita quickly reminded me of my favourite restaurant in Edinburgh, which you can read about here if you haven’t already. The focus is on fresh food that is seriously tasty. You order tapas style and then dishes come out as they are ready. On our server’s recommendation (who was super helpful), we went for three of the ‘antojitos’ ¬†dishes: a black bean and cheese dish, some guacamole and salmon ceviche. We just popped these in the middle of the table and tucked in. The guacamole was a personal favourite and I probably ate more than my fair share!


Salmon cevicheMoving over to the ‘botanas’ section of the menu, we each picked a kind of main dish each. Mum and Sam went for the quesadillas which looked amazing. I snuck a bite of Mum’s (sweet potato and feta) and it was delicious. I think I might order it myself next time!





This time however, I went for the steak tacos which were so, so good! Packed full of flavour, they were brilliantly fresh and tasty!

We left very happy with our choices and determined to come back and try some more from the menu. It might not be the biggest selection but what they do, they do good.

Kelly x


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