THINGS TO EAT: The Humble Pie N Mash Shop, Whitby

Humble pie n mash

I’ve made no secret of my love for Whitby here on the blog but I don’t think I’ve ever written about my fave place to eat when I’m there. Although it is probably somewhat more traditional to eat fish and chips while at the seaside, my family is far more likely to stop by the Humble Pie n Mash shop.

Humble pie n mash

Pie and mash shop

The premise is simple: you grab a seat, and order from the selection of pies on over that day. They serve it up with mash, peas and gravy. You tuck in.

Whitby pie and mash

Whitby pie


Although the menu isn’t massive there is a great selection of pies and this time I decided to do things a little differently and order the Haggis and neeps offering. I guess I must have been missing Scotland more than I thought. Though I did have to wait a little while as it was one of their less common options, it was seriously tasty. Plus, any place that offers free extra gravy is good with me! I do love gravy.




This time I was particularly happy to have such filling, comfort food since we had been trekking all over time to show a family friend the sights. If you’ve ever been to Whitby, you’ll know there are a lot of steps to conquer. A LOT. So, once you’ve worked up an appetite exploring, the good home cooked food at the Humble Pie n Mash shop is just what you need to recuperate. And you can even enjoy a proper, rich hot chocolate with whipped cream while you wait for your pie to cook!

If you’re ever in Whitby and fancy something a little different, be sure to check out the Humble Pie n Mash shop. It’s a good un.

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