I absolutely love it when a new restaurant opens in Darlington. It is the perfect excuse for a meal out and to try somewhere new.

This time, it was a chance to head out and try Tre Amici, a new Mediterranean restaurant that opened recently.

I messaged Sam and arranged to meet her there to try it for ourselves. We had every intention of getting the early bird offer but both ended up getting caught at work and so we didn’t get there until after seven.

By this point, we were really hungry and pretty indecisive so we actually decided to get three starters to share.

We settled on halloumi fries (mainly for me), potato skins (mainly for Sam) and garlic mushrooms. All three dishes were seriously tasty and generous in size but we both decided that the garlic mushrooms were the clear winner for starters. They were sublime and to be perfectly honest with you, I can’t stop thinking about them!

When it came to mains, Sam decided to go for the chicken with spaghetti which was absolutely huge! She also said it was seriously tasty but was ultimately defeated by the size of it. That probably wasn’t helped by the side of chips that you can just about spot in the picture…

(Yes I stole some of the chips. They were lush. )

I decided on the four cheese pizza which was beautiful. Well, beautiful until I realised that it contained blue cheese, which I don’t like. That is completely my stupidity however. I picked it off and just enjoyed the rest of the pizza which was amazing. The dough was so tasty and crisp. Next time, I’ll just pay more attention to which pizza I am ordering… Can you tell it was a long day at work?

All in all, we were really impressed with Tre Amici. It was affordable, had sizeable portions of really good food and friendly staff who were beyond helpful. I definitely think this will be a restaurant we’ll be visiting again in the future!


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