Life After Uni: Lauren’s Story

life after uni lauren

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about what happens after university. How do you find a career? How do you finally become a ‘real grown up’? I don’t have any answers yet, and honestly, the more people that I talk to, the more I realise that maybe nobody does. Instead, I put out an online plea for people who were willing to share their story about their experiences of education and how they ended up here. Maybe, some of my questions will get answered, maybe not. But this way, you and I should be aware of all the different ways open to us. 

There’s something comforting about that, don’t you think?

Between now and June,  a series of guest posts will be going live on This Northern Gal. Many people have been kind enough to share their stories with us, the first being Lauren…


life after uni lauren

Hi guys, I’m Lauren from the blog Lauren Catherine and here’s my story on life after Uni:

Long story short, I didn’t actually go to Uni. When I first took my GCSE’s they weren’t the best grades, so when it came to sixth form I had to repeat a few classes to build up my marks. When I finally got the grades that I needed, I went to a community college to do my a-levels. I stuck it for the first year and realised that it wasn’t for me. I just knew. I then changed my course to do level 3 in travel and tourism – I lasted a few months. This time there were financial reasons involved and I just knew it wasn’t for me again.

After I came out of education, I got a full time job, though there was a 7 month gap between education and employment. It was so hard getting through that time, but what I did take part in was the Prince’s trust 12 week team programme which helped me a lot, I don’t think I’d be where I am today without it. Working full time has its ups and down, I won’t lie but it was the right choice for me.

I’m happy with not going to university, even though there was definitely a pressure to go in my final year of school and seeing all of my friends going to Uni was really hard to see. But I’m glad I waited to figure myself out before making any decisions about education.

My advice to you is: figure you out.

Figure out what you love and what you want to do with your life. Education will always be there if I want to go back and I am thinking about taking part in a course next year in my community college. It’ll always be there if you want to change your mind about education.

If you do go to university, that’s great. If you don’t, that’s fab too. Personally, I don’t plan on ever going. I’m not bashing university, I just know it’s not for me and that’s ok too!

Hopefully this has helped you make up your mind when it comes to university and full time work, and feel free to get in touch at any of my links below.


Lauren x


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