12 Days of Christmas: Bowe Organics


Hello again and thank you for coming back to this 12 Days of Christmas series. Today, I’m welcoming Diane, my (amazing) hairdresser and the Darlington based business woman behind Bowe Organics.


Hello Diane and welcome to the blog! Would you like to start by introducing yourself?

Hi! I’m Diane, just another being on planet earth who is trying to do some good in the world and make people feel great about their true selves. I own a cosmetics company and an organic and vegan hair salon.

I love meditation, being kind and listening. I also have a daughter who is 2 and a super supportive fiancé.

What can you tell us about Bowe Organics?
Bowe Organics is a small organic and vegan cosmetics company. I have poured more than my heart and soul into the whole project and continue to do so.

I like to work with only ethical suppliers for my ingredients and dream of eventually working directly with the farmers all over the world.

I also love to improve and find ways to do things better and I do this through input from customers. For example, I have just arranged refill bottles for my oils so that you can use the pipette over and over again. This was always in my mind to do but with the help from customers and followers I was able to come up with a solution!

That sounds amazing! Why did you start Bowe Organics?
I started Bowe Organics after seeing so many brands on the market who were saying  that they were one thing, but when you took a look at their ingredients, it was clear that they were not.

I wanted to create a transparent brand that people could trust; I wanted to be open and honest and only sell products which I would personally use on my family’s skin. That’s why I named the company after my surname! I started to dig around into certain ingredients and their benefits they have on our skin and hair and formulate these into the products I have today.

You’re also a hairdresser (and very good at it, I have to say). How do you balance the two parts of your career?
Yes! Hairdressing is my passion and so I see it more as my hobby than my work. It’s my happy place, my place. I love making people feel amazing both inside and out and hope that my clients leave with not only with amazing hair but with an abundance of self-worth too. This spurs me on.

I suppose balancing this with my cosmetics company is more a timetabled schedule and routine that I can stick to. I get inspiration from my clients also and sometimes after speaking with clients in the salon about their hair or skincare problems, I go straight to researching and formulating solutions.

You really do! I love coming to your salon! You’ve got some fantastic gift sets this year. What inspired them? 
The gift sets are a new project this year and also mark how far I have come on my journey with Bowe Organics!

I wanted to create the outer packaging that would be recyclable and biodegradable. I find there is so much waste at Christmas time and consumers are becoming fed up of it. The box itself can be kept and reused and I am actually going to be running a competition afterwards to see all of the creative ways that customers have upcycled their box! My friend has already put hers in her drawer to use as a space saver/organiser.
There are 3 different gift sets you can get:

  • The gift of lashes and brows.
  • The gift of lips and lashes.
  • The gift of lips and brows.

They all contain a mix of the lash oil, brow oil or lip rescue balm.

What lovely gifts! What are you hoping to find under the tree this year?
Oooo what a question! I love it!

To be honest,  I haven’t really thought about it until you have just asked me.  I have a friend who has a clothing brand, Rebecca Rhoades, and I would love to have one of her dresses under the tree.

I am also hoping to fill my garden with homegrown fruits and vegetables next year so a gardening book would be helpful as I have no idea. I love how much support has gone into supporting small businesses this year, I just hope it continues.

Describe your perfect Christmas in three words.
Happiness, rest and equality.

I am a big believer in giving to those who truly need help. Christmas can be a time where people, especially children, see such a difference in presents numbers or even food quantity. I hope you can see it in your heart to be truly grateful with all that you have, and give to those who may struggle just to purchase enough food for 3 meals a day. Remember, giving doesn’t always have to be with a physical item, it can be donating your time to a local food bank or to a neighbour.

I definitely agree!  What’s next for Bowe Organics in the new year?
Oh I am so excited for 2021! I have 2 products that I am working on at the moment and they are in formulation. I have one which has been tested and I am currently designing the packaging. I’m hoping to launch all 3 by March! They’re all skincare related and  I love and use all of them myself.

I have also started to think a little bit more about expanding the brand into another genre but I can’t say much about that yet… shhhhh top secret !

What an intriguing note to end on! Thank you so much Diane! If you’re intrigued by what we’ve been talking about this year, you can find Bowe Organics here.

Kelly x

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