April 2018


AprilOh April, my beautiful birth month. A lot seems to have happened in this month, which makes writing this wrap up a little tricky. I didn’t even have that much time to read this month so my wrap-up photo (over on the old Instagram) will be dramatically smaller than usual this month!

However a big part of that is because I took a trip away in the middle of April. I usually read a lot while I’m travelling but didn’t this time around. Perhaps it is because we didn’t fly anywhere this time so I didn’t have as many hours to kill.

Still, I can’t really complain since it meant that I got to spend nearly a week on my travels, staying in both London and Paris. I love Paris so much so it was a delight to be back. I wrote a couple of posts about our trip, which I’ll link below:

If I do say so myself, they are worth a read! I had so much fun on the trip and writing the posts so that was a definite highlight for April.

I also got to see my lovely friend Steph ( who is a fellow Northern Book Blogger) chair an event at the gigantic Waterstones in Newcastle. It was a fab event, made all the better by how proud I was of Steph for absolutely rocking it! I love heading over to Newcastle to hang out with my Northern Book Bloggers – I only wish that I could do it more often!

Oh I almost forgot! I turned 23 this month. I was not looking forward to it, and was actually considering turning 22 for the second time but it wasn’t too bad. It just feels weird to think that I am properly in my twenties. I will probably only get used to being 23 next April!

Before you go, I thought I would share my favourite posts that I’ve popped on This Northern Gal this month. If you haven’t already, I would love it if you could check them out:

How was April for you?

Kelly x

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