August 2017

It feels a little strange to be writing an August wrap up this year. Usually, I’m gearing up for the new school year, whether that’s at school, sixth form or university. The beginning of September won’t be the start of anything for me this year, which feels weird. Not bad, necessarily. Just weird.

That being said, I’ve been making the most of August as if it was the end of my summer freedom. I’ve been away three times this month, which I am very, very grateful for. Since I’m currently unemployed, I have more time to travel than I have in a long time so I’m making the most of it! You will already have heard about my trip to Norway – if not, you can read a little more about it here. Since then, I’ve also been to Cambridge and for a weekend away with my friends in Yorkshire.

It’s been great to explore some new places. I love travelling to places a little bit closer to home and have been adding a few more to my list recently. Hopefully, I’ll be able to visit a couple of them soon. I’ve also blogged about the travelling that I did in July this month, the first post of which you can find here, if you are interested.

I’ve also had a major boost of reading mojo. After not doing much recreational reading for the past four years, it feels good to have complete control over which books I’m picking up. I am reading a lot at the moment and am actually struggling to keep up with reviews as a result! Despite my progress, my TBR barely seems to be shrinking, which means that my book-buying ban may have to last a little longer. If you want to catch up on my book reviews, you can find my most recent one here.

My absolute favourite thing about August has been having time to explore the North East again. I’m back in Darlington for the foreseeable future so I’ve been slowly getting my bearings around town. There seems to have been a sudden influx of cute cafes and restaurants – I’ve got plenty of catching up with old friends to do so I think I’ll be visiting them soon. In the meantime, I had a fantastic meal at Riley’s Fish Shack in Tynemouth, which you can read here.

On a more trivial note, I have been loving the new Harry Potter merchandise at Primark this month. There’s still some bits that I would like to pick up but I’ve loved the things that I have got so far! I’m just not sure that my bank account does…

How was August for you?

Kelly x

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