Spring Shopping with Elisabeth May

Elisabeth May St Andrews

We’ve finally left the depths of winter here in Scotland which means one thing: shopping!

Elisabeth May St AndrewsI’m pretty excited to finally wear something other than a woollen jumper. To get a few ideas, I met my friend Jo at Elisabeth May to check out their Easter event in store.

Elisabeth May st andrews

Elisabeth May have got some amazing transitional pieces in store which would see me through the unpredictable weather St Andrews has. We may be out of jumpers and hats but I got caught in  a hail storm last week!

Elisabeth May st Andrews

There’s plenty of pieces that could find their way into my wardrobe but I was really looking for a new birthday dress for the end of the month.

Elisabeth May St Andrews Elisabeth May St Andrews

I fell in love with these two dresses but need to settle on a plan before I pick an outfit!

As well as stocking some beautiful new clothes, Elisabeth May also had manicures on offer and some Fake Bake goodies for people to try. Maybe I’ve been living under a rock but I didn’t realise how extensive their range was or that they even did things other than fake tan.

Elisabeth May St AndrewsThey also offer Fake Bake parties which both Jo and I thought were pretty exciting! Maybe one is on the cards…

Elisabeth May St Andrews

A pretty sweet day all round! (I’d apologise but I love a good dad joke!)

Kelly x

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