Does anyone else miss their school uniform?

Not necessarily the… interesting colour combinations that you were forced to wear, but more the ease with which you could get ready in the morning. No fussing about what goes with what in a sleep addled state or wanting to wear that red shirt that is in the wash. If you looked minging, you could blame it on the jumper your teachers forced you to wear.

Now that I don’t have that luxury, I really miss it. There are still 9am starts at university, even when you are an arts student, but there’s no one to blame but yourself if you’ve left the house with odd shoes because you didn’t have time for a coffee.No joke, once I walked into town wearing four different prints by accident. And it didn’t look like the suave print clashing you see in the glossy magazines. I looked like I had got dressed with my eyes closed (which I probably had – it was very early in the morning). To avoid this ever happening again, I decided I needed to find the almost-grown-up equivalent of a school uniform

Striped top (or wool jumper, depending on the weather). Plain bottoms. Comfy shoes. Bish bash bosh. With such a simple style equation, I can afford to hit snooze on a morning.

The eagle eyed amongst you will notice that this is also remarkably similar to the look I wore to Label’s Meet the Models¬†event. All I did was add a statement necklace, some comfy heels and some lipstick!

What’s your style uniform?

Kelly x

2 thoughts on “Uniform

  1. I’m in uni and I’m still required to wear a uniform, it sucks but it’s also a blessing in disguise since 7AM doesn’t really scream “find a proper outfit that doesn’t make you look like you just got out of bed” and for times that we do get to wear something rather than our uniforms, I stick with the staple, extremely plain and casual look of a v-neck, a jumper, and some jeans.

    -Mia , chaotictales.blogspot.com

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