How to Make a Pom-Pom Rug


If you’ve been following me on Instagram, it won’t be a surprise to you that I’ve been crafting my way through lockdown. There’s been a lot of winging it and a lot of learning as we go but I’ve had a lot of fun doing it. AND I’ve managed to make a couple of things I’m quite proud of and happy to share.

This pom pom rug is super simple so it’s perfect for beginners like me. I didn’t really use a tutorial for this but after looking at some images of pom pom rugs on Instagram and Pinterest, I had a rough idea of how to do it. It is pretty time consuming but most of that is making pom poms, which can be done in front of the telly. Putting it together is fiddly but is done pretty quick!

As with the embroidery project, I’m not sure that this post will count as a tutorial but I will explain how I did it just in case anyone would like to have a go for themselves.

To make this, you will need:

  • An anti slip mat for a rug to serve as your backing
  • Wool in your choice of colours – you will need more than you think!
  • Pom Pom makers (though you can use cardboard if you don’t have one)
  • A pair of scissors.

1. To start with, you need to make your pom poms. You will need more than you think! This small rug has approximately 110 pom poms of varying sizes. I used three different sized pom pom makers for mine as I didn’t want it to be too uniform. I made around 120 pom poms from 11/12 balls of wool. It was pretty time consuming but I didn’t do it all in one go!

2. Once you have your pom poms ready, all you need to do is tie them on to your backing (anti slip mat). Make sure you do this nice and securely. You could also use some glue to make sure that the larger pom poms are stuck down firmly. It is up to you if you want to do this in a pattern or organically, like I did.

3. At this point it is a little bit messy but you should be able to control your shape and pattern. Keep going until you are happy and then walk away from a day or two. Come back and be doubly sure that you are happy with it!

4. If you are happy with it, it is time to tidy it up. Flip over your rug and double check that every pom pom is secure. Cut the strands to a shorter length so you don’t have all the straggly bits – just make sure you don’t accidentally cut through any of the knots!

5. Once the back is tidy, you need to trim the backing so that you can no longer see it when the rug is late flat.

6. Finally, flip the rug back over use your scissors to trim the pom poms so that the front looks tidy too. You might not need to do too much here as it is about tidying up any loose strands at this point.

Voila! You have a rug!

I kept mine pretty small because I’ll be using this mainly for decoration rather than daily use. With white wool (and not being sure of the durability), it’s not going to be the main feature in the room.

I was also beginning to lose the will to keep making pom poms, if I’m honest!

I love this rug though as it’s so soft and fluffy under your feet. Plus, I love that I have something handmade in my home too.

Kelly x

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