THINGS TO SEE: Barber’s Vanessa at Glyndebourne


Something very, very different from me today!

If you’ve been following This Northern Gal on Instagram and Twitter, you may have noticed that I recently went on a little trip down south. I was staying in London but was actually headed there so that we could go to the opera at Glyndebourne. That’s right: This Northern Gal was getting uber classy.

I had never been to Glyndebourne or seen any other opera so wasn’t really sure what to expect. Google didn’t even seem to help me that much. All I knew was that I needed a new dress and I was definitely excited.

Brian had organised with some friends of his to go and see Barber’s Vanessa and Sam and I somehow convinced him to let us go with him! He organised everything so I just blindly trusted him and showed up at Victoria Station for the train to Lewes. From there, there were coaches to Glyndebourne since the house is out in the country.


As soon as we arrived, I knew I was going to enjoy my time at Glyndebourne.

The grounds and buildings are absolutely stunning. In fact, my only complaint from the trip is that we didn’t get more of a chance to explore the grounds before we had to leave for the train back to London. I think it would be easy to lose a few hours walking around and admiring everything.

You do take a picnic however which meant that we got to eat while looking around us. I think I was a little distracted!

To no one’s surprise, I didn’t make our picnic. Luckily, one of Brian’s friends concocted a veritable feast for us which put my previous picnic attempts to shame. It was a wonderful bonus treat to an already incredible day.

GlyndebourneNow on to the show itself. I had never seen any opera before so was more than a little curious (and nervous) as to what it would entail.

I was absolutely blown away by the stage and ability of the singers! I was swept up in the show and the fantastically over-the-top drama of it all. It did take me a little while to get used to just how melodramatic it was but after that I couldn’t help but enjoy it. Luckily, there was also subtitles¬† to help me follow the plot a little.

Unfortunately, I don’t know anywhere near enough technical stuff to say any more than that but I can say that I did enjoy it. I would also love to see more opera now.

All in all, this was a brilliantly decadent and luxurious day that I will remember for a very long time. And I can finally say that I’ve been to the opera!

Kelly x


P.S A big thank you to Brian for not only organising the day but letting me steal his photos after my camera and phone both died!

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