THINGS TO SEE: Jesus Christ Superstar


In the interest of full (albeit confusing) disclosure, I was gifted these tickets, not as a blogger but as Kelly, friend of the crew.

I like to think I’m fairly clued up on theatre these days but it’s always nice to know that I can still be surprised by a production. The Middlesbrough Youth Theatre production is one such show. After just 90 minutes in their audience, I have been blown away by the talent on the stage in front of me.

With cast members as young as 11, the team have managed to put on a brilliant performance full of energy, enthusiasm and considerable local talent. Everything about this show was impactful, from the lighting to the punchy choreography, to the simply phenomenal vocals from the cast.

Having seen this production before, I knew that it wasn’t a simple show to produce but there must have been some form of magic involved from the crew as they staged some tricky scenes, both practically and emotionally. I was absolutely swept up in the performance.

It wouldn’t be possible to write this review without mentioning the sublime performances from Middlesbrough Youth Theatre’s Jesus, Judas and Mary. The talent from these three young performers was utterly wonderful and I can’t wait to see what their futures hold. There is some incredible talent right here in the north, as attested by these three performers. They had me on the edge of my seat, completely mesmerised by their talent and command of the stage.

While you won’t have long left to snatch up a ticket for this show, I highly recommend that you do. It is worth every penny.

Kelly x

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