Hi there.

It’s me. Kelly. Remember me? I kind of vanished for a bit there, didn’t I? Sorry about that. It was not intentional but in all honesty September  was a bit of a whirlwind.

I’m currently sat in Darlington train station waiting to get the train down south. I’m sipping on a latte and finally have a chance to pause, breathe and reflect.

September is always a bit manic for me. I go back to work and the next modules of my evening course start. I’d anticipated being a little busy and though the blogging might slow down a little. I never expected that ‘a little’ would turn into over a month. But hey, life happens right and I’m not going to apologise for that. This blog is a hobby of mine and one I enjoy a lot; I’m not going to stress if I can’t update it constantly. That takes the fun out of it and is one of the reasons why I dropped the schedule I had kept for years.

This month, work kicked off but that also collided with some personal things happening behind the scenes. I’ve had to say goodbye to friendships that I never thought I would have to walk away from, I’ve not been the healthiest and unfortunately, neither have some of family members. I’m not going to go into it (happy place on the internet and all that) but it’s been a tough few weeks. I’ll get through it but it’s taken a chunk of time and energy.

To make it even better, both my phone and my laptop bit the dust at the start of September! Perfect timing, technology.

As such, I’ve barely had time to do much other than work/ sleep/ eat, which doesn’t make for very exciting blog content! I have however, somehow managed to read three books in the last five weeks or so, all of which I enjoyed. To be honest, none of them blew me away (which is also why I haven’t reviewed them) but they were good, easy reads which were perfect for switching off with them. If you want something fun, try these three:


Here’s to things moving onwards and upwards! I love autumn, so I’m sure I’ll find lots of little things to love in October and maybe I’ll even get the chance to share them with you.

Speak to you soon,


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