Ready for September? Volume 3.

These are the things no fresher’s guide will tell you to bring but trust me, you’ll want them. These are the things that you’ll crave after the (very fun) whirlwind that is the start of university.


(1) The drink. Do yourself a favour and go into the kitchen right now. Go on, I’ll wait. Take a look at the brand of teabag/coffee/hot chocolate you have grown to love at home. Make a note of it. Because after all the unpacking, you’ll take a look around your new room and really want a nice comforting cuppa.

(2) The household products. While you’re there, take a look at your usual washing powder because that stuff is really confusing and it is kind of embarrassing to have to ring your mum in Tesco because you have no idea what you’re meant to buy. Or make your mum come with you and buy a massive box under her supervision and then make it last for the whole year. That’s really grown up behaviour and no one can tell me otherwise.

(3) The entertainment. Try and pack a DVD or two because freshers week is exhausting and at some point you will want a night in with popcorn and pizza and maybe those new friends you met. This way you can actually talk to them instead of shouting over Top40 hits or cheesy 90s music.

(4) The clothes. Do you know that big, scruffy hoodie you only wear when you are sick or tired or ya know hungover? (Though everybody knows I never ever drink). Put that in your suitcase right now. Because at some point in your first term you are going to succumb to freshers flu unless you happen to have a super sonic immune system, in which case I am very very jealous right now. The mere mortals amongst us will at the very least feel a little under the weather at some point and you are going to want nothing more than to curl up in your comfiest clothes and feel sorry for yourself. Don’t worry about what your neighbours think: if they haven’t already been there, they will soon enough.

(5) Mr Fluffy. There is nothing wrong with bringing your teddy to university. Stick it on your shelf and let it remind you of the days when someone took care of you all the time and your greatest worry was which toy to take to school on the last day. You can maybe even give it a cheeky squeeze when you are feeling homesick. I won’t tell…

Anyone else packing things they probably shouldn’t be for university?

Kelly x

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