REVIEW: Wakenhyrst


Wow. This book is one of my recent favourites. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it makes it on to my favourite list for 2020. If you have spoken to me in person recently, there is every chance that I have tried to convince you to read this book. If not, don’t worry; I’m going to try and do that now.

This is a delicious and irresistibly devilish Gothic novel with a fresh feel. With a expansive time line, this novel is both modern and in keeping with the original Gothic texts. It shares their potency and ability to unsettle to astonishing levels.

It is the story of Maud, the wilderness she adores and the secrets that are locked within her ancestral home. Over the course of Wakenhyrst, those secrets unravel and begin to haunt those involved in the story.

With such haunting threads, it is easy to see why I was utterly captivated from the moment I began reading Maud’s story. It kept me engaged and on the edge of my seat from page one. I was enthralled until the final page. If that isn’t a good book, I don’t know what is.

It is hard to say much more without giving away the tempting mystery at the heart of this Gothic masterpiece but trust me when I say that Michelle Paver shows considerable talent in Wakenhyrst. She writes captivating characters, mesmerising settings and an uncomfortable tension that I couldn’t get enough of.

As a fan of Gothic literature, I had an inkling that I might like this. I just never expected to love it as much as I do.

What are you waiting for?

Kelly x

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