Welcome to the Circus.

Welcome to the Circus

welcome to the circus 5

Even though I don’t live in hall anymore, I’m first in line for most of their events and their annual ball was no exception.  The invitation had promised an enticing night at the circus and it certainy didn’t disappoint.

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Our hall had been delightfully decorated  when we arrived to sip on our drinks and catch up with friends I haven’t seen in a long time. I’m not sure who made them but I was in love with the hanging circus tents!

It also provided us with time for an impromptu photo shoot which was great since I was so in love with my dress. I picked it up in the Christmas sales and have been dying to wear it ever since! For once, my make up hadn’t gone horribly wrong or required me to beg Sam to play MUA for me either. Welcome to the Circus

We headed over to the Old Course, our main venue for the night soon after where we were greeted by a mini casino to entertain us into the late hours.

welcome to the circus 4Not really one for gambling (read: I have no idea how to play), I headed straight to the ice-cream stall to tuck in to Jannetta’s Hokey Pokey which is one of the tastiest concoctions I’ve ever got brain freeze from. The store in town is closed at the moment so it was a real treat to get my hands on some!

Welcome to the circus

After tucking in to our cones, Sarah and Mark decided to brave the caleigh but, having taken a rather dramatic tumble earlier in the evening, I chose to play photographer. It is certainly a very interesting activity to watch (and I wasn’t the only one to fall to my knees when things truly kicked off)! I’m not sure it’s quite my thing but it looked like a lot of fun!

Tired but content, we made our way home under the stars and via the takeaway because that is how all classy nights should end folks: limping, but with a pizza.

Kelly x

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